Rock and Roll Beds

Rock and Roll bed is the name given to the pullout seat/bed system, they are basically a seat which can be quickly converted into a bed. The name originated and with the early VW conversions and has stuck ever since. Rock and Roll beds are now very popular and are often fitted as part of a camper or day van conversion. Our Rock and Roll beds can be fitted in a wide variety of vehicles including Volkswagen T4/T5, Vauxhall Vivaro/Renault Trafic, Mercedes Vito, Ford Transit, etc

We offer two versions of Rock and Roll Bed.

Version 1

M1 Pull tested – 6/115/EEC M1 approval carried out by Status, at Manchester University (crash test simulation)

Our M1 tested bed, with it’s two 3-point seatbelts, offers ease of use and comfort it a compact and efficient design.

Very few Rock and Roll beds on the market today are pull tested, and those that are are often very expensive. We believe our bed is the best value for money M1 pull tested bed available, it doesn’t cost much more than many of the non-tested beds, but comes with the added benefit of knowing the bed has been tested to EEC M1 standards and will be supplied with certification, so you know your families safety is not being compromised. The supplied M1 test certificate will give added value to your vehicle should you decide to sell on and will also satisfy your insurance company. The frame offers ample underseat storage, which is accessible from both the rear of the seat and from under the base via a lift up panel. We are proud of this bed and it’s high quality construction.

We can supply with or without upholstery and offer supply only or fitted prices

Frame with belts but without cushions £759 supply only

Frame with belts but without cushions £819 fitted

Frame with belts and cushions from £999 supply only

Frame with belts and cushions from £1050 fitted

Delivery available from £69.99

Version 2

This is a lightweight version of our pull/crash tested frame. It is made to the same dimensions but is made from lightweight steel and without all the extra bracing needed to pass the M1 pull test. As such there are no seat belts/seat belt mounts with the bed, it is designed purely for use when your vehicle is parked up, ie not for travelling on. The metal frame provides ample strength as well as lots of under bed storage. The storage is accessible from both the rear of the van and from under the seat via a lift up panel. We can supply these frames either with or without upholstery.