Race Van / Sports home Conversions

The term ‘race van’ can cover a lot of things and in our case doesn’t mean a van that races! It is a general term for large vans that have been converted to combine a living space like in a motorhome or camper van, with a large rear garage to store some form of a race vehicle, such as a go-kart, race motorbike, track bike, motocross bike, sidecar etc. This kind of layout also means for some people that they can use their motorhome as a work van, with the massive rear storage space being kept completely separate from the living area.

This type of layout, with a rear garage area, can also be ideal for many other outdoor activities and sports, for example, mountain biking, canoeing, surfing, cycling, etc.

The most common vans to use as base vehicles for race van are the Mercedes Sprinter/VW Crafter (LT35) and Iveco Daily, mainly because of their size, the Iveco Daily being especially large, with a massive 4.5m rear load space, but other vans can also be used, such as the Ford Transit Jumbo or extra long Relay/Ducato range.

Due to the many different layout options, we don’t tend to have a standard conversion for race vans. Instead, it’s more common with this size of a van for us to build furniture to a customer’s own design and specification, for example, some people want a toilet/shower cubicle, others prefer to sacrifice this and have a larger garage for motorbikes, go-karts, etc. We can also still fit the standard type side conversion which consists of a pull-out seat/bed (rock and roll bed), wardrobe and kitchen unit (which can be done and still leave space for a large garage/workshop at the rear). Here are some example layouts, all of which give a 4 berth layout with garage large enough for one or more motorcycles (for a further guide to layouts, prices and choosing the right layout for your own race van/sports home, please click on the ‘Layout Guide’ link to the left of this page):

All our camper interior furniture is made from lightweight plywood (such as Vohringer).

Our furniture can generally be purchased in two ways, the first being supply only, where the kit comes ‘flat packed’ ready for you to fit yourself, allowing you to build a professional looking self-build camper van. The other option is for us to supply and fit the furniture. We can also supply a range of appliances such as glass lid sink/hob (Cramer or Smev), Weaco 12v fridges, cassette toilets, etc.

Here at Convert Your Van Lt, we pride our selves on providing quality conversions at affordable prices. If you are interested in a furniture kit or conversion package from Convert Your Van Ltd, then feel free to contact us. For further details on price please see our Prices and Layout pages.

We can also insulate and carpet line your van if required and fit windows/roof vents / etc.

Below are some example pictures of our race van conversions, for more photo’s please click on the gallery tab at the top of this page. For details of other van conversions please click on the Vehicles Converted tab at the top of this page.

Convert Your Van Ltd - Race Van / Sports Home Layout Guide

Below is a brief guide to choosing/designing your race van/sports home layout, there are example layouts as well as hints and tips on how to decide what you want. For example layouts for different size vans check the other layout guide pages on our site.

When deciding on a layout it is good practice to look at what has been done before, go to motorhome shows or large dealers where you can have a browse around. Bear in mind that what might look great in a photo (or layout diagram), might not be ideal for everyone in practice, so to go and have a look inside and a walk round existing motorhomes can give you a better idea of what you can expect to fit in a given sized van.

The next thing to consider is that when it comes to a camper van interior, everything is always a compromise, the ideal would be a coach sized motorhome to fit everything in that you want, but that would fit in a car parking space at the local supermarket, and that obviously isn't possible! So it comes down to compromise. Decide what you need in your camper, what you'd like in your camper, and what you could do without. For example, how many secondhand motorhomes/campervans/caravans do you see where the shower has never been used? Do you need one? Some people will, some people won't.

If you already have your van, once you have a layout in mind it is a good idea to try it in the van, this can be done by drawing it on the floor or marking it with tape, you can then get an idea of what space will be left, what gaps you'll have to walk through, etc. And don't forget the wheel arches! Arches can often get in the way of fridges, toilets, etc, so try to bare them in mind when planning your layout.

Below you will find some example layouts with approximate prices for furniture and cushions (prices are a guide and can vary either way depending on van model and finer details - please see prices page for more details). The diagrams are intended as a guide, you could possibly combine your favourite parts of more than one layout to come up with something that is right for you. If there is nothing that seems ideal, you can always email us with your own unique layout and we can give you a quote based on that, all we need is a detailed description or better still a diagram and we can give you an accurate quote.

Please note: Prices shown are intended as a guide and are for furniture and cushions only, they don't include any appliances, lining, windows, etc
(See Prices page for further details of all prices)

Race Van / Sports Home Conversions

The layouts below show various options/examples for Race Van / Sports Home Conversions. They all provide a large garage area at the rear for Motorbikes or other large items such as Go-Karts, Quads, Mountain Bikes, Outdoor Equipment, etc. Each image shows the van it was based on, although they can be adapted to suit other vans. Also remember these are examples, if you have your own ideas or would like a combination of more than one layout we can build to individual specifications.

For prices and available options please see our Large and Extra Large van prices pages