How much will it cost to convert my van?

This is probably our most frequently asked question and the one which is most difficult to answer. Firstly it depends on the van, then it depends what you want in it. And the price can vary massively, for example, one person may chose to have two fixed bonded glass windows in their van, someone else may choose to have five or six seitz windows fitted, the price difference here on windows alone could be up to £2000. The best way to get a guide to price is to look at our layout guide and prices page, this way you can get an idea of cost for the furniture/cushions, then add on all the other bits you may want such as windows, roof vents, carpeting, insulation, appliances, etc. At the bottom of our prices pages are some full conversion examples.

How long does a conversion take?

This obviously depends on the size/type of van and the amount of work being done, but here is a rough guide to how long your conversion will take. Bongo and T4/T5 furniture kits can sometimes be fitted in a day. Small van furniture only fitting normally takes 2-4 days, if we are carpeting, insulating and fitting windows as well then we usually require your van for 2-3 weeks. Larger van furniture kits normally take  up to 2 weeks to build/fit, if we are doing other work such as fitting windows, roof vents, insulatiing, carpeting etc, then we normally have large vans for upto 6 weeks.

Do you do conversions for transit vans?

Yes, we can convert just about any van. We can also make furniture to your own design.

Can I supply my own appliances?

You could for supply your own appliances and we would build your furniture around them. We do however request that any appliances supplied are brand new. 

Do you offer a ply-lining and carpeting service?

Yes we can ply-line and carpet your van, we can also insulate it if required. Please see the prices page for further details.

Do your beds come with seatbelts?

We offer two types of Rock and Roll bed. Our lightweight/budget option, although metal framed, does not come with seat belts fitted and is therefore only intended for use while your vehicle is parked up and must not be used for travelling on. We also supply an M1 pull tested Rock and Roll bed which has two integrated 3-point seat belts. For more information about our rock and roll beds please click on the Rock and Roll Beds link to the left of this page.

Do you offer a full width Rock and Roll bed?

Yes, we can have our lightweight/budget beds made to any width, however the pull tested bed is only available in a set width.

Do you convert race vans?

Yes, we can convert LWB Sprinters, Iveco Daily's etc into race vans. We have a number of layout designs which you can opt for. You can either build the garage section yourself or we can build it for you, designs will allow space for go-karts, motocross/enduro bikes, race/track bikes, etc

Do you connect the gas/electric?

We can offer a wiring service for your conversion and connect things such as 12v Fridges, Leisure Batteries, LED lighting etc. We do not install gas so for example would not connect your hob. This must be done by a qualified person after we have finished our work

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